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Surprise Yourself


Just in time for Christmas!  You can purchase these mystery gifts for yourself or a friend.

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These bags are perfect if you:

  1. are in charge of buying your own presents but would enjoy a surprise once in a while
  2. have family that would like to get you more than a gift certificate, but don’t know exactly what to get (send them the link!)
  3. have yarn lovers on your list, but don’t have the bandwidth to put together just the right thing

First, choose the size of your surprise.

Then in the notes section of your checkout, provide us with one word to guide us. Your word could be “optimism” “pink” “cables”, anything at all. We will use your word as inspiration as we pack your bag full of wonderful goodies, each chosen with love and care.

Your surprise will include a project with yarn and a pattern. There might even be a gadget or two. We promise that the value will always be more than you pay.

The fine print: We are unable to take returns or exchanges on the items included.


Big, Bigger, Biggest


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